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FULL LINGODA REVIEW : How worth is Lingoda ?

We will divide this in to 3 different categories.  We will discuss about the different elements of the platform and you can decide for yourself whether it going to suit your learning style.

Lets start by know about the platform.  Lingoda is an online Language School, the reason they set up this way because they believe that face to face classes are the best way to retain information and to learn effectively.

In order to learn with Lingoda, you need 2 things Laptop/Computer and stable internet connection. You can get free trial from Lingoda.

We will discuss about the 2nd category ease of use.

It is extremely easy to use. Lingoda is a one stop shop. Once you have paid for your membership it is easy to use and everything is available to you. Unless your internet connection is stopping you nothing will stop from you accessing the materials.

You can pull up the laptop anywhere in the café or wherever you are in whichever country and you will have direct access to all the stuff you need in order to study.

Language Selection

As of today, you can use Lingoda to study 4 Languages.  As of language selections, this a very much limiting factor. English, French, German and Spanish

If you are learning Spanish at the moment but also attempting to learn Arabic and you cannot use Lingoda for Arabic which is very disappointing factor. They do few languages and they do them really well and in depth.

Ability - How Does Lingoda caters to various skills and ability?

This is the place where Lingoda actuall really excels.  Before you started taking your class, they give online placement test.  By the time you are done with that placement, they will recommend you which level you are best suitable for as learner.  All the levels are based on the expertise and difficulty with levels from A1 & A2 and to C1 & C2 from beginner to native speaker.  By the time you reach that levels you will not need more classes.

Is Lingoda a Language Learning Platform that is really useful and that can easily slot itself in to your busy schedule and lifestyle ?

Lingoda does offer classes 24×7 which is incredibly useful regardless of where you are and wherever in the world you are there will be class happening at any given point.  Lingoda keeps their class numbers down to 5 students maximum which is really handy and you get personalized feedback however if you don’t book quickly the class might not be available at the time you want it.

If you can find a listing perfect timing, you can schedule one.  All you have to is select the topic you want to study.

You have to do this little organized and do this 2-3 days in advance. You can even book your class prior 24hour in advance if you have busy schedule.  Sometime it pays to be well prepared.


Any time you can recap your classes. You have access to class materials, homework materials and study materials. They also have a blog with additional resources.


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Because Lingoda is a Language Learning School this is their main selling point which are the teachers.  If you don good teachers, you don’t get good education.  If you have good teacher you will learn them all.

Lingoda has 1500 teachers as of today. They are all full professional speakers and they full certified. 

Coming to Lingoda, you can be very confident that your teacher is good at their job.  Because of the way platform function you don’t always get the same teacher.  Sometimes different teachers will be teaching at diferent time.  There will be teacher you will be enjoying more than others.  And the good thing is that you can look up the classes before you sign up.  And you can select the teachers you love the most.  However, you cannot get exact time slot as per your convenience due to the class schedule.  They are teachers coming from different countries and Spanish is spoken all over the world.  You will miss all the accent, mannerism of the language that are available if we opt for teacher which we like the most.

One great thing about Lingoda is that at the end of every class, your teacher will a short review.  Some of the teachers will send this really well, they send very detailed anhow this and feeback.  You will figure how this work for you.  They will advise you with places of improvement and appreciation for your effort. Teacher are really helpful in their class.


Next Element to discuss about is Class Size.  They limit their Class Size to 5 Students maximum.  We get an intimate experience in the class and lot of attention from the teacher and spotlight is on you.

When you are learning you need to set you ego aside and embrace it.  It is normal that nobody like to make mistakes, but this the we learn from our mistakes. The class will give a feeling of familiar environment.  There are individual class available if you are not comfortable with other students.  But this is slightly more expensive and separate learning plan with more attention.

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Every level you do is based on your placement is divided in to 3 sections.  Grammar, Vocabulary and communication.  This is designed to compliment one another so that means with every single class you are practicing what you learned.  As mentioned earlier Lingoda has a recommended order of classes you might want to take but the platform itself tell you that you don’t have to do that.

Sometimes you may feel drowned on some topic and would like to focus on some topic for example new words and commit to your memory and you can take those classes and it is completely up to you.  It is important that you enjoy the customization of learning process with Lingoda.


Suppose you are learning the language for your job or for your studies and you need a paper to prove that. Lingoda is very good at that. They do issue ceritficates when you finish 90% of your sub levels.

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