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CCTV Camera Installation in Qatar

cctv camera company in qatar


CCTV Camera Installation in Qatar

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television, the best surveillance method used for both commercial and residential purpose. CCTV works as a constant security device which can capture any sort of activities take place in the surroundings of where it is installed. We are among the best CCTV Camera Installation in Qatar for industries such as commercial buildings, hotels, restaurants, jewelries, factories, film studios, corporate headquarters, Universities, and Colleges. Our company also provides great packages for residential surveillance as well.

Things that make us different from other firms are the variety of CCTV services including, planning, installation, maintenance, monitoring, reasonable pricing, latest camera, cables and technology, and trends. If you need to monitor CCTV at remote places, we will provide you with online access that enables you to watch what is going around your premise.

Understanding the Components of a CCTV Surveillance System

  • DVR stands for digital video recorder, which is connected with HD Cameras using RG59 cables. Whereas, NVR is the abbreviation of network video recorder, which is uasually connected with
    IP cameras with CAT 6 cables
  • It is recommended to learn about the CCTV Camera types before installing them in your office or home. There are many types of cameras based on the capacity, purpose to be served, technology used to install them, and quality
  • We require hard disks for storing the video for a certain period of time. this could be used for later reference. Normal HDD is not recommended for CCTV purpose since it is functioning all day, 24/7.You may find a couple of HDD used for CCTV Camera video backup
  • We need high quality modem or router to transmit the video online captured by the cctv system.  In order to ensure smooth live streaming, we must use good modem and high speed internet connection. For instance, have a look at the modems listed below.
  • Monitors are used to watch the video captured by the cameras, from within the same office of home where they are installed. Usually, the monitors are connected to the DVR/NVR using the VGA/HDMI cable

Our CCTV System Features

  • Recording facilities with adjustable time frames.
  • Analytics for video
  • Footfall counting and access control
  • Number plate recognition
cctv feature and benefits

Incredible security camera solutions your Business or Home

Among all CCTV installation companies in Qatar, we stand out with our flexible pricing strategy which includes the  award-winning service with top-of-the-range materials such as video cables, CCTV camera brands, monitors, and DVRs. We have been recommended to new opportunities by our clients due to the unconditional support we offer each one of them especially after the installation

The high-class CCTV surveillance system provider in Qatar

It is  good acknowledgment to be called as an high-class company that offers any type of security system solutions. Obviously, it is very hard to gain good-will for any brand or services. We have been in the industry of IT services providing marvelous solutions from small offices to large scale enterprises in the Qatar

Barzan Tech Solutions has already installed large number of CCTV systems in the last 8 years of service  We believe in our expert team of technicians, without them no milestone could be crossed yet. We are also strongly committed to deliver super-duper CCTV and access control solutions for each one our customers regardless of the scale, scope, and nature of the projects.

There are three simple steps to get your premise CCTV installed

  1. Call us or send your requirements online
  2. We will visit your site at free of cost and send a quotation with an estimated budget which would probably be the lowest price in the industry.
  3. Upon your approval, we shall draft your invoice.

Then the work will be started and finished on time. There you go!

What types of CCTV cameras are commonly installed in Qatar?

  • Dome camera
  • Bullet camera
  • Covert/Board/Desktop cameras
  • Discreet Cameras
  • Infrared/Night Vision
  • Speed Dome
  • High-Definition Cameras
  • Outdoor
  • Network/IP
  • Wireless
  • Day/Night
cctv camera installation companies in qatar

Why are we chosen for CCTV installation services in Qatar ?

We offer comparatively low price for high-quality security camera setup services. Our team has strong technical skills with experience of more than a decade. Our priority has always been for the satisfaction of the client regardless of the size of the project. We treat every single customer equally.

CCTV Installation Qatar

It is very important that every residential and commercial building should install CCTV on their premises in Qatar . There are many rules that strictly mention making video surveillance to ensure the security of the people in Doha. To ensure the quality off of the installed CCTV systems, . authority of Qatar.  Everyone would try to get cheaper prices for the best solution. We offer one of the lowest pricing packages for CCTV camera installation in Doha. We provide easy CCTV camera installation in Qatar.

The best security CCTV Camera Installation Companies in Qatar

Barzan Tech Trading & Solutions has delivered several projects in the country so far. With the topmost quality of technology, we have earned a very large number of clients’ satisfaction. We have to make sure the quality of the CCTV system and top-end technicians are part of the projects. Otherwise, the building owners or businessmen would require to bear a lot of additional expenses to maintain them later. So, seeking service from an established company is pretty much important

The owners of businesses who invest in surveillance camera can save money in the long run

Security cameras

Installing your security cameras in your business can reduce the risk of attack by burglars tremendously. The systems scare off the criminals in a practical way. Its security business security systems protect your gains and reduce the instances of theft. Installing business security video will offer you with a peace of mind. Learn more about security cameras.

Why Chose Barzan Tech Trading for CCTV Camera Installation in Qatar

Installation of security cameras in the Qatar is a full service that Barzan Tech Solutions offers. We pride ourselves on the professional installations and service security cameras and intercom systems. If you are looking to install the security cameras from a professional and reliable company with vast experience in the field, feel free to contact us. We provide high definition security camera systems and also mobile friendly surveillance camera systems cctv camera installation in Qatar

Using the most recent technologies, we can install the following cameras.
  • HDCVI Cameras
  • HDTVI Cameras
  • IP Security Cameras
  • High Definition Cameras and security systems
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Analog Cameras
Connecting the video surveillance camera systems will help you to
  • Protect your loved ones
  • Protect your assets
  • Keep unwanted thieves and vandals out
  • Reduce shrink and theft at places of business
  • Improve resident safety in buildings
  • Improve your overall security program

What is the purpose of a CCTV camera system?

The reason to install CCTV varies from person to person, business to business. Mainly the CCTV cameras are installed to make sure the safety of your premises and properties from any unwanted deeds or people

CCTV Benefits for home

A CCTV surveillance system helps you watch the things happening around your villa while you are at the office or out for shopping or party. A CCTV camera system also helps you to see what your kids are doing during your office timing. The surveillance system keeps your family safe and secure.

Moreover, it keeps you happy getting connected with your beloved ones even when you stay apart.

It is very important to install good quality CCTV cameras with high resolution so that the video will be transmitted with high clarity.
We set up an online CCTV system thus you will be able to view your home or office where ever you are.


When you are in need of any security camera system installation, then the best option for you in Qatar is Barzan Tech Trading & Solutions is major player for CCTV Camera Installation in Qatar.  We provide the best video surveillance solution all across the Qatar, with one of the lowest prices in the country.  To make your home or office secure and safe, the easiest way is to install the security surveillance system by any expert technicians from a reputed company in Qatar.

Your decision to install the CCTV system at your apartment, villa, warehouse, shop, or office is highly recommended by getting to know more about the technologies in the camera cameras capturing and video recording methods.  There are mainly two types of camera system as follows:-

  1. HD Camera system with analog method
  2. IP Camera System with network transmission

HD system uses DVR or digital video recorder to record video with RG 59 cables, whereas IP cameras use cat 6 cables or data cables to NVR or network video recorder. The IP camera method is the most advanced method in surveillance technology, although it’s quite a bit costlier than the HD Camera methods. The future upgrades in the innovative discoveries can be easily implemented in the IP based recording system since it truly supports network based data propagation.

The modern DVR enables the HD camera system also to communicate with the  Internet so that video streaming can be watched over a mobile phone through the android or iOS apps.

The voice recording feature is available in both the technologies with the help of a mic. It helps the business owner to listen to what is spoken in their premises when he or she is away. In Qatar, there are several companies offering installation solutions in which Barzan Tech Trading Solutions stands out with its most reasonable charges for its award-winning services with top of the range CCTV cameras and DVRs. For any need related the security camera projects, be it maintenance, AMC, or new installation in a home or office in Qatar.


Hikvision is the world’s leading provider of CCTV cameras and other security surveillance systems. This brand have a variety of products with high quality under several series in Qatar. CCTV Cameras from HIKVISION provide improved security and higher performance.

Security demands vary always. That is why Hikvision plans and tailors network CCTV cameras to meet numerous demands – from common video surveillance to video content analytics based on deep learning algorithms. They also offers a wide variety of DVR and NVR for satisfying varying security requirements of residents and business owners in Qatar.

cctv camera company in qatar
cctv camera installation companies in qatar

Dahua CCTV Qatar

Dahua CCTV cameras are extensively used in numerous applications and vertical enterprises in Dubai. Face Recognition cameras from Dahua can be used in entry & exit, smart retail, unrestricted spaces, and other situations to improve employee performance

 ePoE CCTV  camera from Dahua with extended reach length is generally applicable for gymnasia, parking areas, etc., to save on cabling charges. This brand additionally contributes a broad category of DVR and NVR for serving changing security demands of householders and company owners in Qatar

Samsung CCTV Qatar

Samsung is one of the popular brand of CCTV cameras in the world. Samsung CCTV cameras are highly secure and reliable. People in Doha prefer Samsung CCTV camera for securing their home. The Samsung CCTV cameras provide a complete home monitoring solution for your villa or apartment in Qatar

As a popular brand of CCTV Surveillance systems in Dubai, Samsung further gives a broad type of DVR and NVR for meeting differing security demands of householders and shop proprietors in Doha

cctv camera installation companies in qatar
cctv camera installation companies in qatar

Panasonic CCTV Qatar

Panasonic is a well recognised brand of CCTV cameras in the Qatar. Panasonic provides CCTV Camera products according to clients’ requirements in Qatar. They offer a wide range of CCTV systems from analog cameras to IP network cameras that are most suitable for home, office and Supermarkets.

Being a recognized brand of CCTV Security systems in Qatar, Panasonic additionally proposes an extensive variety of DVR and NVR for achieving varying security requests of citizens and company owners in Qatar

Honeywell CCTV Qatar

Honeywell is one of the widely used CCTV camera brand in Qatar.  CCTV Honeywell systems implement secure identification of possible safety warnings, preserving common places and the people in them protected and more guarded. The Performance Series of IP cameras give affordable video monitoring solutions to satisfy a broad range of everyday security purposes.

The Performance Embedded Honeywell NVR & Hybrid DVRs implement a Native Integrated Turnkey Video Solution guaranteeing more proper safety & security, decreased compliance & liability expense for SMB clients. In Qatar, You can choose from a wide variety of CCTV Cameras, DVRs and NVRs manufactured by Honeywell.

cctv camera company in qatar
honeywell security camera

Axis CCTV Qatar

Axis CCTV cameras are used in villas, apartments and restaurants in Qatar. Whatever you’re searching for, you’ll find an Axis CCTV camera to satisfy your requirements. From robust outdoor cameras to strategic products for sensitive places, Axis extend it all.  Cameras from Axis provide superb HDTV image quality despite of lighting circumstances and the size and attributes of the monitored spaces. And they do it while reducing bandwidth and storage needs to aid you to save energy

Softwares produced by Axis and their associates convert network cameras into business tools. They can alert you to originating situations and help you make intelligent decisions about resource allocation. Data can also be combined with your other systems. People in Qatar choose Axis DVRs and NVRs for managing their security cameras and for storing videos from CCTV cameras

Commax CCTV Qatar

Commax is one of the leading brand of CCTV cameras, security surveillance systems, DVR and NVR in Dubai. It gives solid & optimized security solutions through strict product quality checks

In Qatar, DVRs and NVRs offered by Commax ensure better security of premises and provide longer storage of CCTV data for watching later in the event of any thefts

cctv installation in qatar

Barzan Tech Trading & Solutions is a well-established and reputed enterprise software solutions provider in Qatar since 2016. We are the leader in providing the best quality cutting-edge software solutions to our clients. Our products and services deliver substantial performance improvements and enable our clients to consistently impart high-value solutions that give businesses an edge over their competitors and a return on their investment.

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