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HR And Payroll Software Qatar

Human Resource Information System

HR And Payroll Software Qatar

Effortlessly manage employee information, leaves, time & attendance, and shifts with employee self-service tools – all in one place on our cloud-based HRIS

Right Software Solution For Your HR and Payroll Software Qatar

Our HR and Payroll Software Qatar are suitable for all kinds of businesses. It does not matter the size of your enterprise, our service is applicable for both small and large scale business industries. Acquire the best HR and Payroll software solution inclusive of HR workflows, Mobile HR, HR self-service software and so. As an esteemed and highly valued customer, it’s worthy to highlight that our services are easy to adapt to and also custom-friendly tailored to meet all your HR needs.


Built for the way people work today, our dynamic organizational chart enables easy navigation, filter, and search.

With an efficient HRM system driven by automation, biometrics & self-check-ins, make attendance tracking work for you without it being a chore.

HR And Payroll Software Qatar

How ERP empowers your business to grow ?

Organization Chart

Attendance Management

Leave Management

Shift Management



Document Managemnt

HR Reporting

Leave Management

Apply, approve & manage leave requests right from your mobile. Get a one-view of who’s in or out for the day, week or month.

Shift Scheduling that works for you

Manage multiple shift patterns, streamline the way you create employee schedules, and track the hour worked.

Employee Surveys

Elevate employee voice, encourage collaboration, & boost engagement in real-time, with automated & recurring pulse surveys – customizable & easy to launch!

Offboarding Process

Streamline the offboarding process with automated workflows, reminders & checklists to ensure compliance & make goodbyes less painful & more meaningful.

Manage Employee Information with Ease

Pack-up those spreadsheets – switch to a secure, centralized HR Management system & put organized employee data at your fingertips whenever you need it.

HR and Payroll software Qatar

Benefits of HR and Payroll Software Qatar

  • Work out payroll calculations and deductions in a quick way
  • Generate accurate payslips for employees
  • Calculate bonuses, expenses, holiday pay, etc with minimum manual effort
  • Send returns to HMRC and print various business forms for employees
  • Automate year-end reporting and other certain tasks
  • Reduce the burden of compliance
  • Remove the need to understand complex tax legislation through automation
  • Store data such as payslips and annual reports in a secure, easily accessible manner
  • Reduces paperwork and the administrative burden
  • Reducing exposure to liability
  • Improving functional efficiency and company morale
HR And Payroll Software Qatar
HR And Payroll Software Qatar
HR And Payroll Software Qatar
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How does HR and Payroll Software work

With our software, we can assure you that your business’s internal operations can manage efficiently, with no to minimal conflicts. We offer an improved performance, creativity, innovation geared towards the smart working of your business.

We use a technology that is web-based, allowing a progressive HR department that shut down all old HR practices of pen and paper. The web-based technology shifts around the clock access to information.

Our Employees Self Service tool helps in real to have a greater and improved user control to manage various business activities. Users or employees are given the right to alter important information such as bank accounts, make requests for holidays and other officials such as loans. on the other hand, the work of the Individual line Managers is made easier. They are able to take care of the management appraisals, control employee absenteeism. It can also put their hands on vital information that can be used to make critical and informed decisions in the organization.

This is a comprehensive self-service platform beneficial to reduce organizational paperwork with its automated business procedures. And at the same time can be used as a tool that is carried by employees to ensure that their information with the organization is up to date, also allowing them to constantly update their files in the organization’s database in a secured and custom-friendly manner.

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