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Marketing Automation Builder

Marketing Automation Builder- QATAR

Marketing Automation Builder

Communicate with your audience using Marketing Automation Builder with even greater precision using data stored in your account.

  • Create Marketing Automation Builder events based on users’ behavior 
  • Take action based on selected conditions
  • Use filters for even more precise targeting
Marketing Automation Builder

Save time
and resources

Use prebuilt workflows for specific campaigns or easily build your own automations

Capture and convert
new leads

Send automated emails to all new subscribers and nurture them with relevant offers

Sell more
with less effort

Automatically reach cart abandoners or recommend products your customers love

Build a connection
with your audience

Add a personal touch to every message and campaign using robust customer data

Build marketing automation workflows based on customers' data and behavior. Use it to deliver personalized marketing experiences.

Search and segment tagged contacts to run targeted, automated email marketing campaigns. Stay relevant to all of your customer groups

Turn your website traffic into sales opportunities

Monitor and analyze events on your pages to share custom offers when it matters most.

  • Learn your audience’s habits and preferences
  • Prepare tailored emails based on page visits
  • Analyze specific actions users take on your pages
  • Trigger personalized journeys based on the data
Marketing Automation Builder

Turn your emails into money makers - Marketing Automation Builder

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