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The automobile industry has many steps in its manufacturing process itself, like- assembling, polishing, testing, and many more. To be able to monitor and control all these steps with ease and efficiency, the adoption of ERP is vital in the automobile industry and hence ERP SOFTWARE FOR AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY

In fact, in the automotive industry, growth and success depend on the product, along with the combined functioning of the right quality, quantity, production flow, and rotation time. Even in this, it would be a system of ERP that would be most useful and helpful.

Quality Control Management

Through an ERP, you will be able to seamlessly track the products in real-time while taking note of the problems that are occurring, as well as their corrective measures. An ERP in the automotive industry will thus help in aiming and ultimately producing high-quality standards of automobile products. This, in turn, will help in the development as well as maintenance of good customer relations, with a higher ratio of returning customers and strong customer loyalty towards you.


One of the most vital parts of the automotive industry is sales and manufacturing. In order to maintain adequate quantities of resource material, inventory management is required, which is where ERP is again a savior for this industry as it comes with inventory management protocols that remove all the hurdles that would have come in the way of proper and efficient inventory management.

Without an ERP, the automotive industry cannot deliver their orders timely as the company would not have been able to manually and efficiently manage upgrades and customizations. This gives an additional reason for the need for ERP in the automotive industry. Now, with the help of an ERP, vehicles can be ordered and stored at the dealership studios.

For example, you are a company that builds cars by procuring parts and components from multiple suppliers. Now, in order to track the requisition and purchase of these goods and to ensure that each component across the entire procure-to-pay process uses uniform and clean data connected to enterprise workflows, business processes, reporting, and analytics, you use an ERP system.

Another example is you are an automotive manufacturing company, and you have deployed an ERP system. Due to this, a component known as front brake pads, as manufactured by you, is uniformly identified by part name, material, size, lot number, source, supplier part number, cost, serial number, and specification, along with a plethora of other descriptive and data-driven items.

Further on, the use of the ERP system will also ensure that the above-mentioned attributes and data fields roll up to the correct account in the company’s general ledger so that all the costs are properly tracked and represented.

This is very important for calculating various figures like the cost of goods sold, gross profit, etc., because if, for example, front brake pads were called front brakes in one system, brake pads in another, and front pads in the third, and it would become tough for your manufacturing company to figure out how much is actually being spent annually on front brake pads, and whether for example it should switch suppliers, or negotiate for better pricing.

Considering that ERP systems can bring solutions for aspects like inventory management, customer relations, product delivery, marketing inefficiencies, and shipping, ERP systems are important for the automotive industry.

More so because when the various features of ERP combine, it traces and analyzes every departmental action of your organization to exercise better control over actions that lead to productivity and efficiency.

Quality Maintenance

In the automotive industry, quality is a key factor in the products and components that are delivered to the customers. This is because consistency and safety are a must for the customers of this industry, and if this is not delivered to them, then the businesses of this industry lose customers.

The challenge here is that the automotive industry comes with its large processes with several steps in between before the final product is made and delivered. Ensuring regular quality checks and compliance with the standards and quality laid down by the authorities becomes a hassle when done manually, bringing with it a risk of lots of wastage of resources in terms of time, manpower, and even raw materials and components.

One of the reasons for this is also that, more often than not, the varied steps of the business processes of this industry are carried out across different warehouses, or different locations or departments of the plant, or even by different vendors. Manually integrating all these different sources becomes next to impossible without leaving gaps for errors in between.

Having an ERP system, its automation, and all its seamless integration of data across different departments, warehouses, and vendors thus become a boon in quality maintenance.

Maintenance of Production Facilities

Considering the equipment and technologies that go into the production in the automobile industry and how vital it is that each step of production is taken at the time and in the manner and quality that it is supposed to happen in is definitely a challenge for this industry.

This is because finding a time when the equipment is free from their production cycles and having a team ready at the exact moment to carry out the maintenance or corrective measures is as complex and tricky as it sounds. Additionally, being able to carry out the maintenance or corrective measures right before it hampers the production and products is also based on lots of historical data, prediction, and scheduling.

With all the wide-ranging equipment and other production facilities that each business in the automotive industry will have, the several steps in the business processes and production, and the different locations as well as vastness, maintenance of production facilities is definitely a humongous challenge in this industry.

How will ERP help the Automobile Industry?

Implementation of ERP systems in the automobile industry will reap unlimited business benefits. An ERP software in the automotive industry will help in meeting the desired requirements of the highly competitive automotive business industries. It will do so by analyzing the latest trends in the markets, streamlining of every business function, and through timely reporting of faults and failures.

An Enterprise Resource Planning software will be such a boon to the automotive industry that it will be able to overcome every industrial challenge pertaining to this industry, including, but not limited to inventory management and high-quality product delivery, customer relations and services, on-time shipping, labor inefficiencies, changes in statutory compliances, and marketing.

ERP software in the automotive industry will thus help you in achieving all the goals of your company, including fulfillment of marketing objectives, while also redefining your company’s strategies to achieve better development and production.


An ERP will help you in keeping track of all your financial transactions, including total costs, total expenses, account receivables, account payables, gross profits, cost of goods, net profit, net profit ratio, credit note, and debit notes, pending , invoices, revenue, and many more. It will also help in consolidating these in their respective financial statements like balance sheet, bank reconciliation statement, income statement, profit and loss statement, and so on.

Further on, the relevant transactions will also get updated to your company’s general ledger and get added to your journal entries and processed as per the relevant accounting system and rules and taxation regimes to be followed. This will ensure compliance with all the statutory requirements, including federal and state taxes. The ERP will also make note of the registration fees, as well as its renewal due date, along with a reminder system for the same, which will again make compliance easier for you.


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