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Say Hello to Effortlessly Organized Books


Barzan Tech Qatar,fully functional Accounting System, streamlines the entire accounting process.Our ERP Software Solution Qatar allows clients to record and process accounting transactions within operational modules such as Accounts payable, Accounts receivable, PDC Management, and automate processes to occur electronically in the organization.


EALSUITE Accounting Management is a user-friendly business accounting and payroll system specifically designed to achieve your unique accounting needs. Our suite is suitable for small or medium-sized enterprises that increase productivity by saving time and enhances work quality. Apart from the usual accounting transactions, it has various features that make it the best Accounting Software in Qatar.

BUSINESS INSIGHT - ERP Software Solution Qatar

Helps to share the real-time financial data that share business insights across different departments and work together seamlessly.

The powerful alternative reduces the clutter of spreadsheets and eliminates the confusion of mishandled accounting books.


How ERP empowers your business to grow ?




Tax Compliant

Control Multi Location

Multi Currency

Secure Backup

Efficient Reminder 

Highlights about the ERP Software Solution Qatar

Our ERP Software Solution Qatar is a user-friendly and feature-rich ERP suite developed by Barzan Tech Trading & Solutions. Achieve the industry-specific accounting needs and improve business compliance with remarkable features and modules of our EALSUITE Accounting Suite.

Our best Accounting Software in Qatar is an ideal application for small or medium enterprises looking for a customized solution. By saving time, EALSUITE  increases productivity and enhances work quality. EALSUITE explores the role of interpersonal trust and knowledge required in small and medium enterprises. Every organization requires great assistance from management for planning, controlling, and decision-making processes. EALSUITE consists of various features apart from the usual accounting transactions. Through its mobile application EALSUITE has provided an easy mechanism for access from mobile devices.

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Features to grow your Business

Ealsuite Accounting suite has centralized business functions to assist in managing and making changes to the enterprise financial master data. The tools offered by our master data management tools include a chart of accounts, default ledger settings, cost centers, mapping, and more.

EALSUITE reconciles with your bank account at the snap of a finger and ensures – the expenditure or earnings match the transactions.

Efficiently manage the cash flow and track the pending invoices along with customer information. EALSUITE’S business-centric receivable features such as revenue accounting, bill collection, cash receipts, and online invoicing manage all the business incoming revenue.

Handle your vendor bills and payments easily with our EALSUITE accounting suite. The powerful payable features such as invoice copying, purchase controls, cheque writing, automatic payments, and master data integration effectively handle the outflow side.

EALSUITE is an expert in managing the consistent PDC management process. The expertise systematic approach assists validate, store, and present Post-Dated Cheque (PDC) effectively. Enter the PDC receivables and payables in the system to get timely notifications.

The business-class reports on cash flow, aging analysis, general ledger, and balance sheets enable us to view the consolidated financial statements. Further, the pre-configured components of our EALSUITE accounting system assist us in creating custom financial statements.

Track every type of Transaction


EALSUITE’s real-time accounting dashboard enables us – to view the real-time information of your business status that ensures to make a smart business decision.


Our EALSUITE high-level data encryption algorithm allows us to secure financial data online. The cutting-edge technology of our servers provides the utmost security to your data.


Easily create and send professional-looking invoices. EALSUITE has unique features such as adding invoice due date, customizing invoice terms, and previewing options.

Data Migration  & Import Data

Our best Accounting Software in Qatar provides a simple and efficient way to export all the master and transaction data from Excel or your old accounting software.

Inventory Reporting

EALSUITE accounting suite tracks and manages your entire stock movements with the real-time overview of your product catalog that streamlines purchase movements.

Chart of Accounts

The uniquely designed framework enables the organization to share the financial data with various business units helps – manage complex accounts with ease.


How EALSUITE can save your time and effort ?

Our accounting suite integrates your financial data/information to gain complete control. The whole control ensures compliance and drives the profitable growth of your organization. EALSUITE compliant with VAT  that help the user to register his returns in one go. Further, our accounting suite generates financial reports by gathering relevant financial data from various functional departments. The centralized availability of information helps to analyze the financial status of the organization.


Design suitable for multiple trading and service organizations that manage complex accounting requirements.


Accounting suite is effortless to set up and easy to understand by every one of your organizations.

Unlimited Authority

The cloud-based functionality helps to run your business anywhere, anytime, with just an active internet connection.


The system is highly robust, safe, and secure – that protects you from data theft and further malfunctions.


The integrated approach of EALSUITE allows us to stay updated with VAT


Manages and simplifies the operations related to accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash management and improves cash flow.


See where you stand without having to loop in your accountant. With EALSUITE you can confidently stay on top of the health of your business, make choices based on insights, and understand the costs of running your business—all at a glance. ERP Software Soluiton Qatar, Create accounting reports and use the accounting tools so you always know the costs of running your business.

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Barzan Tech Trading & Solutions is a well-established and reputed enterprise software solutions provider in Qatar since 2016. We are the leader in providing the best quality cutting-edge software solutions to our clients. Our products and services deliver substantial performance improvements and enable our clients to consistently impart high-value solutions that give businesses an edge over their competitors and a return on their investment.

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