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What are best features of POS Software ?

best features of pos software

POS Software make it possible to place orders in your Magento store on behalf of customers from offline touch points like stalls in trade shows & exhibitions or any other place where you interact with customers.

It is a simple & easy to use app. User-friendly and easy to understand and organize by anyone.

Since it is an app, it can be with you, anytime, anywhere, whenever needed. You can access your store using your iPad/Android Tab from anywhere.

Due to its ubiquitousness and easy access, it increases overall sale of store, since you can now close sales where it was not possible earlier.


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Dashboard - To Know what is happening around

  1. You will get an easy to manage dashboard that can be customized as per your business needs. It can help you get all relevant details about your placed orders, invoices, and customers detail and also allow you manage the placement of orders seamlessly. It facilitates you with the following:

    • Displays current year sales
    • Average monthly order value
    • Number of orders placed
    • A complete report of total sales etc.


Point of Sale can help you go through the entire process of placing order to checkout from anywhere anytime without having to access your system. It can help you create orders on behalf of your customers using your iPad/Android Tab anywhere. It also provides you following facilities:

  • Using POS products can be filtered as per selected categories
  • Customers account can be created by entering billing/shipping address and other data
  • While placing order discount can be applied by selecting product to be ordered
  • The product attributes & quantity can also be changed while placing orders


The checkout page will allow you to review the entire details of orders placed and all relevant details of the customers, quantity of products, discount availed, shipping address, payment mode and the entire amount of order in single page. Also you can view the following:

  • Displays customer name and contact details
  • Displays product quantity and prices ordered
  • Showcases the discount availed
  • Displays shipping method and payment type

Reduce Waiting Time

As the retail business deals with a large amount of product flow inwards and outwards; it is crucial to have POS software to simplify the task. No consumer likes to wait for a long time till your team searches for the product placement or checks whether the product is available or not. For instance, a customer comes to your store to find a particular product, and your team does not know the availability or placement of the product. Your retail employee searches the entire store and the warehouse for an hour and comes up and says that the product is not available. This bad customer service will only happen if you have traditional processes to operate your business.

Consistent communication with customers:

A successful retail business must communicate with the customers regularly to let them know about the discounts and offers. Point of sale software for small businesses will help gather customer information like their phone number, email, and social media handles. This technology assists your business; to send the communication about the promotions and offers in a single click.

Efficiency and pricing:

The retail business is a very competitive business with a lot of opportunities to make more sales and profits. The best point of sale software will automate tedious tasks like inventory which will reduce the burden on the team and increase their efficiency. This technology has tools that help you do analyze the sales data and give you accurate predictions about future sales.

Efficient delivery processes:

The retailers are expanding their market by having an online and offline presence of their business and products. The customer might choose any method to shop from your business and give you the revenue. The cloud-based POS software will make it easier for the team to get a clear picture of the logistics when the product will be available in the offline store. This technology will also help the consumer; to track the shipment status and when; he will receive it if he orders it on the online platforms.

What are best features of POS Software ?

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