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CCTV Camera Systems for Parking Lot

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For businesses around worldwide, parking lots are a constant source of worry due to the amount of crime. Vehicle damage, break-ins, vehicular theft, assault, and more happen in parking lots daily. When accompanied by other security and perimeter precautions, security cameras offer incredible advantages to businesses looking to achieve effective parking lot security. Especially when using many of the modern innovations developed by our top brands will your employees enjoy an extra edge to their parking security. Below you will find some of our top suggestions to enhance your parking lot, but first, here are some statistics to consider.  click here to know more

The Benefits of Parking Lot Security Cameras

  1. Deterrence of crime: The presence of security cameras in a parking lot can deter would-be criminals from committing crimes such as theft or vandalism.

  2. Evidence collection: If a crime does occur in a parking lot with security cameras, the footage can be used as evidence to identify and prosecute the perpetrator.

  3. Improved safety: Security cameras can help to improve the overall safety of a parking lot by allowing for monitoring of the area and identifying potential hazards.

  4. Enhanced customer satisfaction: The presence of security cameras can make customers feel safer and more secure in the parking lot, leading to enhanced satisfaction with the business.

  5. Monitor traffic flow: Security cameras can be used to monitor the flow of traffic in a parking lot, which can help to optimize the use of space and improve the overall efficiency of the lot.

  6. Remote monitoring: With advancements in technology, parking lot security cameras can now be accessed remotely, allowing for real-time monitoring and quick response to any incidents that may occur.

  7. Cost-effective: Installing security cameras in a parking lot can be a cost-effective way to improve security and safety. It can be a one-time investment with low maintenance cost compared to hiring security guards.

  8. Identify suspicious activities: Security cameras can be used to identify suspicious activities or individuals in the parking lot, which can help to prevent potential crimes before they occur.

  9. Help with investigations: In case of an incident, security cameras footage can be used to identify suspects, reconstruct the incident and assist with investigations.

  10. Loss Prevention: Security cameras can be used to monitor and prevent losses such as shoplifting or other forms of theft in the surrounding area of the parking lot.

Can parking lot cameras see license plates?

Yes, parking lot security cameras can be equipped with license plate recognition (LPR) technology, which allows them to capture and read the license plate numbers of vehicles entering and exiting the parking lot. This technology can be used for a variety of purposes, such as tracking the comings and goings of vehicles in the lot, identifying vehicles that are parked illegally, or even enforcing parking fees. However, the effectiveness of LPR technology depends on the camera’s resolution, distance from the vehicle, and the lighting conditions. In poor lighting conditions or low resolution cameras, it may be hard to read the license plates. Additionally, LPR technology is not perfect and may not be able to read some license plates due to factors such as dirt, damage, or reflective surfaces.

Features to consider when choosing parking lot cameras

Deciding on which features to look out for when considering security cameras doesn’t necessarily have to be a headache. Firstly, you’d be looking for IP cameras that you can use outside, even if you’re installing CCTV in a parking garage. While we encourage these parking lot cameras to have infrared, the technology doesn’t need to be substantial if there are surrounding light sources. So here are more features that we think you should consider. 

License Plate Recognition: The concept for license plate recognition cameras is simple; it’s a camera that focuses on and recognizes the license plates on cars. PTZ cameras with the technology will track vehicles some ways before resetting or moving onto the next, while average cameras will note it in the video footage if the feature is on. Perfect for entrances and exits, this system allows you to track those entering and leaving the premises. While effective by themselves, these parking lot cameras really shine when supported by a greater CCTV system. 


Similarly self-explanatory to LPR, panoramic cameras offer the viewer a much wider shot of a given vantage point for the sacrifice of physical zooming capabilities. While they were not known for video quality in the past, modern options make them a perfect choice for parking lot cameras, thanks to many achieving up to 4k video footage quality. However, it is strongly recommended that they be supported with surrounding cameras that have motorized zoom. 

Enhanced CCTV Software

It goes without saying that a modern security camera system will need VMS or video management software. However, modern options offer features that allow parking lot cameras to tell the difference between people and vehicles. Moreover, the programming can detect if a person is acting strangely or loitering, erratic driving, and more. While the more advanced versions become much pricier, they do allow for greater parking security.

Wide Dynamic Range

Simply put, wide dynamic range or WDR allows security cameras to resist glares and dark spots caused by multiple levels of light being within the same shot. Especially needed for parking lot cameras used for outdoor lots and parking garages, the technology allows for enhanced security while minimizing the reduction in quality. Fortunately for anyone needing it, WDR is extremely common in modern CCTV products.

CCTV Camera Systems for Parking Lot

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