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CCTV Camera Systems for Warehouse

cctv camera system for warehouse

A cctv camera system for warehouse is an effective tool for warehouse owners and management to keep on-site goods reliably secure whether each stored item is staying put or being moved.  Warehouse Security Camera Systems provide surveillance solutions for small and large warehouses alike. Surveilling warehouses faces its own set of challenges. Often it requires a combination of both indoor and outdoor cameras. Whether the goal is to monitor employees, protect merchandise or deter thieves at A1 we understand our customers need for a comprehensive solution. These systems have a simple setup with the quality  click here to know more


Offered in the majority of modern IP security cameras on the market today, motion detection has proven to be an essential feature for anyone needing a warehouse security camera system. Whether you want your security cameras to activate upon detecting movement or constantly record and send notifications to management upon a specific criteria of movement, motion detection has proven to be an excellent tool for business owners.

Remote Access

Another common feature of modern surveillance hardware, remote access and streaming is an easy way to keep an eye on a location while you are away. While remote viewing from a computer or other device will have specific browser requirements, most surveillance brands feature a mobile application that makes it easy like LTS Security. Available in each warehouse security camera system we offer, this feature does depend on internet infrastructure already in place 


Storage is a critical feature for any warehouse security camera system as it provides you with the capacity needed to store video footage and more advanced video management software. Decided per product or upon special order, storage is based on how large and how many hard drives are available in the video recorder


Available in each modern regular and warehouse security camera system, video playback is a feature that helps you quickly see recent events gathered by your security cameras. Simple by nature, this feature makes catching recent actions in a given day easy by allowing the user or managing party to go back and review recent events

CCTV Camera Systems for Warehouse

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